Radiator, Engine Cooling For Opel Nissens 632831

525 x 328 x 23 mm. Water tank material (radiator). Mechanically jointed cooling fins. OPEL ASTRA F (T92) 1.4 i (F19, M19). Year: 1991-09-01 – 1998-09-30. Engine: 1389ccm 44kW 60HP (Petrol). OPEL ASTRA F (T92) 1.4 Si (F19, M19). Year: 1992-03-01 – 1998-09-30. Engine: 1389ccm 60kW 82HP (Petrol). OPEL ASTRA F (T92) 1.6 i (F19, […]



RADIATOR ENGINE COOLING FOR OPEL ASTRA/Hatchback Y17/Z17LDTZ17DTL 4cyl. All tech data details in the listings description section are provided from official manufacturers’ tech databases. Thank you for your understanding. ASTRA G Hatchback (T98). 1.7 DTI 16V (F08, F48). ASTRA G Saloon (T98). 1.7 DTI 16V (F69). ASTRA G Estate (T98). 1.7 DTI 16V (F35). 1.7 […]


Radiator Fan Cooling Vauxhall OpelASTRA G, Mk IV 4, ZAFIRA A, Mk I 1 90570736

Radiator Fan Cooling Vauxhall Opel:ASTRA G, ASTRA Mk IV 4, ZAFIRA A 90570736. With radiator fan shroud. Diameter 1/ Diameter 2 [mm]. Number of Fan Blades. 90570736, 1341344, 1314453, 1314542, 1314539, 1341299, 24431825, 90572581, 1314543, 90572582, 90570739, 24456281. 90572582, 90570739, 90570736, 1314453, 24431825, 24456281, 1314542, 1314543, 90572581, 1341344. NRF is known for the production of […]


Radiator Cooling Fan Nrf470009 Nrf I

If you doubt that this part will fit you car, send us your UK car registration plate number, or VIN (Chassis) number and we will direct you to the rightpart! RADIATOR COOLING FAN NRF470009 NRF I. With radiator fan shroud. We do our best to list items with as many details as possible. So please […]


Radiator, engine cooling for OPEL NRF 58177

RADIATOR, ENGINE COOLING FOR OPEL VAUXHALL NRF 58177. If required we will suggest an alternative item. OPEL ASTRA F Van (55_) 1.7 TD. Year: 1994.08 – 1999.01. Engine: 1700ccm 50kW 68HP (Diesel). OPEL ASTRA G Box (F70) 1.7 TD. Year: 1999.01 – 2005.04. OPEL ASTRA G Delvan (F70) 1.7 TD. OPEL ASTRA G Estate (F35_) […]