NRF Air-con Condenser 350338

NRF Air-con Condenser – 350338. Brand: NRF Part Number: 350338. Material: Aluminium Easy Fit With dryer Dimensions: 645 x 305 x 16 inl. Cross references: OPEL: 13475956, OPEL: 39011385, VAUXHALL: 13475956, VAUXHALL: 39011385. Features and further details. We will respond to you within 24 hours and do our best to help you out! This item […]


EBC Front Brake Kit Discs & Pads for Opel Ampera 1.4/Electric 2012

PD01KF282 EBC Front Brake Kit (Standard Discs & GreenStuff Pads) Opel Ampera. EBC Front Brake Kit (Standard Discs & GreenStuff Pads). EBC Part Code: PD01KF282. Opel Ampera 1.4/Electric. Contents: Full Front Axle Brake Kit [Discs & Pads]. Disc Bolt Holes: 5. Disc Height (Laid Flat): 46mm. Disc Thickness (New/Min): 26/24mm. Brake Discs in Kit: D […]