Alternator Generator Vauxhall Opel ChevroletASTRA J, Mk VI 6, CRUZE, MOKKA X

Alternator Generator Vauxhall Opel Chevrolet:ASTRA J, Mk VI 6, CRUZE, MOKKA X. Brand new AS-PL Alternator 13579675. Alternator Charge Current [A]. 94509655, 95515958, 1202264, 1202338, 1202118. The company was established in 1992 in Gdansk, Poland. Currently, the company employs over 250 qualified professionals and cooperates with aftermarket distributors and wholesalers of spare parts and accessories […]


Alternator 70 Amp for GM VAUXHALL OPEL 1204108

We are still sending orders out on time. A JP Line Alternator 70 Amp for. Replacing OE Part numbers. 1204108, 1204121, 302004028, 3493847, 3493848, 6204003, 6204008. Replacing other Brand part numbers. Category : Automotive Electric : Electric Alternator or Dynamo. Main Ref Vauxhall Opel 1204108. Voltage [V]: 14 – Alternator Charge Current [A]: 70 – […]


Alternator Fits OPEL VAUXHALL UNA2284 UNA2824 747060

Voltage(V): 12 Max Alternator Output (A): 70 Pulley Type: with v-ribbed belt pulley No of Ribs: 5. Borg & Beck: BBA2436. Casco: CAL10225GS, CAL10359, CAL10359AS, CAL10359GS, CAL10359RS. Delco Remy: DRB4210, RAA25321, WA25321. Herth & Buss: 32044210. Valeo Sales: 437604, 443180, 747060. 1.4 LPG (L48). Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). ASTRA H CLASSIC Estate (A04). ASTRA H […]


Alternator Generator Opel Vauxhall SaabASTRA H, Mk V 5, SIGNUM, VECTRA C, 9-3

Alternator Generator Opel Vauxhall Saab:ASTRA H, Mk V 5, SIGNUM, VECTRA C, 9-3. Alternator Charge Current [A]. Belt Pulley Ø [mm]. With freewheel belt pulley. For vehicles with 12V main current. 9562208, 93180104, 93169030, 93169259, 13153236, 6204189, 1204434. Quality, Reliability and Value. Every component that leaves our factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to […]